What cheers you up?

I may be having the worst day but when I eat a well cooked plate of beans, I feel better. For some people it’s ice cream, for others it’s alcohol, for some, chocolate etc. Everyone has that thing that does it for them.

In October 2017 I found myself in a very frustrating situation. I had just started a low carb diet and I realised beans had lots of carbohydrates. Growing up we were told to eat beans for protein. Yes. Beans has more protein than rice does and then it goes ahead to load up on carbohydrates too. No, I kid you not. For every 100g of beans you consume, you would be consuming 63g of carbohydrates and 21g protein.

I really love beans. I remember a long time ago, maybe 20 years ago or so. My cousin came back home from school. He had travelled over 500 kilometres. He arrived very late at night. There were no mobile phones then so he couldn’t tell us he would be arriving and so we didn’t make any meal ready for him. He was someone I could do anything for, I loved him very much and we were very close… I still do even though we aren’t so close anymore. When I realised by morning time that he had helped himself to my pot of beans, I cried, literally. I always had beans cooked and stored. He didn’t understand why I was reacting that way. He didn’t even believe i was upset. He only laughed. Yes, Imoter will laugh at you in your most serious moments and he’d get away with it, he’s adorable.

Back to the present, I’m 38 years old, I’m watching my weight and I need to be careful how many carbs I take in because my body has a love hate relationship with carbohydrates. Suddenly I find my self on a mission to find something besides beans that gives me joy. Something that isn’t bad for my body so that I can alternate with my beloved beans. I wonder what that is. Although I must confess, beans is the only high carb meal I cheat with and I don’t feel guilty.

I wish myself luck on my mission to find a replacement joy giver. For now, it’s still beans.

6 thoughts on “What cheers you up?

  1. Omoo beans does cheeks me up yeah, its the only meal i can never resist eating, so bad its the only meal i can eat reasonably when I’m sick😩😌

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  2. Haha! Growing up, we definitely hated beans, except Taver and Sever. They could eat beans no matter how hot it is, I find it interesting. Contrast it with their hate of fish – which we love. πŸ™‚
    As the years have grown, I have come to like beans (certainly not love) and often have a good time in its presence. Same thing as its brother, Baked beans which I used to throw up on once upon a time. But why am I talking much as if I like food? Food is a necessity o jare. Better tea than anything else. Hee hee hee.

    All the same, when you find the new interest share with us o.


  3. Overall, once more, nice to hear you air your thoughts. Really lovely. Do you think you might want to share the SonTer lessons on winning as learnt from the Nigerian Idols through Atela?

    Whatever anyone says, and however your writing career ever goes, always know that you have the gift of words. How you handle emotions and tell them are things you shouldn’t take for granted. Mimi Emai, may grace speak for you always. Mch lv always, SVA

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