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Beautiful Saturday morning.

The kids are all outside pranking each other.

I can hear them from inside. It’s the first day of April and everyone is looking to call someone a fool.

April fools.

I remember my most successful April fool practical joke, about 16 years ago. I had gotten my boyfriend (now husband) really bothered and fooled. He believed I had been involved in an accident and had been hospitalised.

I never tried another April fools practical joke on anyone again. I wonder why. I’m thinking this year may be different.

What’s the best April fools practical joke you ever played on someone or was ever played on you?

Please share.

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Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Everyone is talking about the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once so I decided to give it a shot.

I am pretty sure there will be a many interpretations and explanations to the movie. I think it was made to be so. It’s the kind of movie where everyone relates to differently.

First, to understand this movie, I believe you must be a person who is able to be free and honest with his/her self and also open to feeling emotions. Without these, you may just entertain yourself with a two hour action-science fiction and miss out the mental lessons.

The movie is meant to bring out the thinker, feeler and evaluator in you.

We see Evelyn in different universes and how life is for her in each of them. No matter which universe we see her in, one thing remains lacking; compassionate love. This is clearly because of her own pain and suffering from regrets of life.

As expected, the people who get to feel more hurt by her own pain and hurt are the closest people to her; her husband and daughter.

The main message of the movie lies in the end; we must let go of our pain and try to show compassion, love and kindness. It is the only way we can win in this journey called life.

There is so much more to the story and I recommend that you give it a try.

At the end of the movie, all I kept thinking about was Romans 12:21 – Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

It’s amazing how this verse just keeps sneaking up on me every time, everywhere. I think I better listen up.

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Purple hearts

“It seems you are in a purple heart season”.

That’s what my sister said to me a few days ago when I replied her message with a purple heart. She had noticed that I had been sending out purple hearts for a while. I send out hearts…a lot.

“Mine is green” she added. I remember she had mentioned a few months ago how everything was lush for her in this season of her life and it had already started to manifest in several areas. I could already see it for myself.

Sending out purple hearts started subconsciously in August 2022 after I saw the movie ‘Purple Hearts’ and then after a while, I decided to make it a thing… My thing.

I learned that the medal presented to service members who had been wounded or killed by the enemy while serving in the United States military was called a Purple Heart.

I loved the solemnity that came with it. I decided I needed to surround myself with purple hearts. I deserve a Purple Heart for some of the wounds and injuries of this life.

Heck, everyone deserves a Purple Heart. We have all been hurt and wounded…some lives have even been lost from emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wars.

Besides, psychologists tell us that purple calms, stimulates and awakens our senses, it fosters creativity. Purple has also always been associated with wealth and royalty.

So I am gradually replacing the usual red heart with a purple one.

It may bring me more than I could even expect… Who knows!!!

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Jesus loves me

His girl

“Mngu wan u Aondo”

It’s what my mum would say, everytime. It got pretty annoying at some point. It means ‘I am a child of God’.

She often said this when she got wind of or caught my siblings and I doing something wrong or when she was blessed with something she had been hoping for.

I used to feel a bit jealous; why will God pick her out specially and not all of us.

Lately, I have been hearing myself say those words so much that I began to realise why my mum kept saying them. He didn’t pick her specially, she only realised that she was special.

We are all special, the problem is we rarely realise this.

When God keeps showing up for you in the little things that you thought were of no concern to Him… You can’t help but declare; Mngu wan u Aondo.

Just a few days ago I caught myself singing 🎶 “Yes Jesus loves me, for the Bible tells me so”… But then I decided to change the lyrics.

I know Jesus loves me, not only because the Bible tells me so… It has gone way past that.

I know Jesus loves me because He tells me Himself everyday; from the rising of the sun, when He wakes me up, to my going out and coming in… In the way He shows up for me in EVERYTHING I face.

Mngu wan u Aondo… Jesus loves me

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“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”. Charles Diedrich believed that by saying this everyday, we get the chance to start a new life every day and not limit ourselves to our past.

Every now and again we all get the need to start or restart life. Maybe it’s after a season of lukewarm living, a desire to cut off of certain things, a season of too many bad choices, or just the need to begin again.

What ever the reason may be, on any day I choose to start or restart something in my life, I begin by being intentional about my feet; I put on comfortable shoes that could take me anywhere and everywhere the entire day.

I don’t know how, but it works for me.

For me, my feet are the tool  for possession and repossession. Deuteronomy 11:24 and Joshua 1:3.

So today, on my journey to turn a new leaf in my attitude to a very long list of things, I have kitted up and I’m ready to go.

Mimi, Let’s do this. You’ve got this.

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We come and we go as we wish.

We leave or might I say, we are not so keen on Him when we seem to “have it all together” and run back when we need help, need a restart or when we get stuck and don’t know which way to go.

The thing is He is always there.

I like to think that even if he didn’t start out as a jealous God, He would very easily have become one now with the way we act.

It’s amazing how His being jealous never affects the abundance of grace He has and continues to extend to us. Nothing affects His love and grace for us; not the hardness or our hearts, the magnitude of our sins or even our evil thoughts and desires.

Grace, the one thing we receive so freely but rarely extend to our fellow friends, families, neighbours, colleagues, bosses, servants and all other people around us.

As often as I receive grace from God, I hope I can extend human grace to others too.

Is there someone we can give grace to today?

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My knowledge of John Legend and his songs used to be quite limited and then when lots of people wore out the song ‘all of me’, I didn’t even bother giving him a chance.

It wasn’t until a little over a year ago when I saw someone name him as one of the most under rated artists; immediately, the music part of my brain became curious. That was the beginning of my “affair” with Legend.

I feel as though his last album was a gift from him to me. As if he knew how his music had affected me and decided to make more for me.

The album has Twenty-Four songs, Twenty-Four…and every song is amazing.

Home is one song that really did me in. I don’t know why he wrote it or who he wrote it for, but whenever I listen to it, it warms my heart as I sing it to my son. It is the best song for a parent to a child. It is a beautiful song.

My next favourite is Wonder Woman, I had a thing or two to say about it in my post Wonder woman.

Nervous makes me nervous. It makes me feel. It gives me the same goose bumps I get when I hit the make up scene in a romcom.

Rounds, the very first song in the album. I laugh every time I listen. Naughty.

One Last Dance is so beautiful. I think it is possible to write a beautiful book from that one song.

Dope is so upbeat, whenever I want to dance a bit while I work, Dope is the choice I make from this album. Some other upbeat songs in the album are Waterslide, Guy Like Me and All She Wanna Do.

Now, Love is so mixed up for me, the toxic relationship that is sung about unsettles me, yet, the combination of voices between Legend and Jazmine Sullivan gets me playing it over and over again. He gives me the same feeling with Amber Mark in Fate; I am really curious about the song and the idea behind it.

Good makes me feel good.

Pieces gives me a feeling of melancholy.

A few others I enjoy are; Strawberry Blush, Honey, I Want You To Know, Speak In Tongues (with John Keith) and I Don’t Love You Like I Used To.

A few songs that are still growing on me are: Splash (feat. Jhnene Aiko & Ty Dolla $ign), You, Memories, The Other Ones (feat. Rapsody), Stardust.

I think John Legend is a legend.

…I forgot to mention…the album title is Legend

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Having recently concluded Holly Furtick’s six week study on the book of Ephesians, I thought I would share a thing or two about what I learnt.

The memory verse for the entire study was from Ephesians 3: 20-21

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than All we ask or imagine according to His power that is at work within us…to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus through out all generations, forever and ever. Amen

I didn’t have to memorise it… thank God (I have never been too good with memorising verses). The reason I didn’t memorise it was because I already had it in my memory for about 25 years or so. They were the exact words to a song I learnt as a kid from an acapela mix tape.

The verse has always been a comforting one for me. Only, during the course of the study, one word seemed brand new to me; Able.

God is Able to do what ever I ask of Him. There are no limitations to His abilities. None. If He has not done or does not do a thing for me, it definitely isn’t because He can’t do it. He is ABLE.

In addition to the one word that got me, I learnt that the entire book of Ephesians has a guide for me for:

Immeasurably more Wisdom

Immeasurably more Grace

Immeasurably more Confidence

Immeasurably more Peace

Immeasurably more Love

Immeasurably more Strength

To learn more about the study, please visit

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Dear Mimi

Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

What are you doing, staying up this late?

Shouldn’t you be asleep by now?

While I got your attention, I would like to know… Was our life all you dreamed it would be?

Tell me about every decade. What happens when I turn 70? What will I know then that I do not already know now?

Will everything be worth the wait?

What are people calling you now? Great grandma? Or are you greater?

What did you do? Will I be proud of the choices you made?

It really doesn’t matter does it? I still get to see for myself.

Are you happy? Do you still love all the things that I do?

I can’t believe you stayed up this late.

Go to sleep, it’s way past your bedtime.

With all my love… Mimi

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There’s a lot to be said about the number 12.

12 months in a year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 tribes of Isreal, 12 Apostles and a lot more.

The number is also said to represent perfection, entirety; completeness, healing and luck.

Today, on my 12th wedding anniversary, I feel a certain sense of beginning. I keep asking myself how something that has already started could possibly feel like a beginning.

I don’t know.

I plan to spend this entire new year creating a brand new meaning for number 12; Beginning.

Beginnings are beautiful, they make room for new creations.

Happy wedding anniversary to me and Terver

(11th anniversary message available on 11th)