The character Michael Scott

For many years I kept putting off the plan to run the series ‘the office’ until early this year 2021, I decided it was time. I paused the 10th episode of the 6th season to write this. I’ve asked myself one question over 20 times, “Is Michael Scott a human being?” I know he is a fictitious character but I can’t help but wonder, do we have Michael Scotts in real life? Nothing he does is normal. As a leader and a manager, you would expect him to be more coordinated and hardworking but no, he hates work more than anyone I’ve ever seen. This makes me wonder how he got to the managerial position in the first place.

Michael Scott is however very caring and very emotional. His feelings are easily hurt but he forgives easily and doesn’t hold grudges. The only person who isn’t lucky enough to enjoy the care is his HR representative, Toby. Michael believes Toby is anti fun. When I first started watching, I often felt sorry for Toby, I think a wild animal comes alive in Michael when he sees Toby. For Michael every minute must be fun. He could waste an entire day playing games, having office parties or simply acting foolish and he would see nothing wrong with it. For him, work can wait but fun can’t.

A typical day

No one listens to Michael. Sometimes wonder if he has any self respect. The entire staff has no respect for him and it seems as though he doesn’t care. There have been a few times when he did oppose some rudeness, just a few times. I’ve watched him do and say lots of stupid things. Are there people that could be like Michael Scott? It’s very possible. Would I be able to be around such a person? I laugh at Michael and he amazes and entertains me, but if I had to deal with him in real life… would I handle it well? I wonder.

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