I would be a liar to say no music album has ever engrossed me as much as the new Elevation Worship album ‘LION’ has. If I may be totally honest, I would say that the previous album, ‘Old Church Basement’ totally rocked and it redefined my personal relationship with Jesus… That’s a tale for another day…but I’ve just got to say, I’m totally hooked on this LION album.

LION is a message, it’s like a series of sermons, each one with its own different tune. Every song finds a way to minister to a specific situation. Genre wise, LION has a song for everyone…if you ask me, that’s what makes it amazing. You would think a particular genre doesn’t appeal to you, yet every song in LION appeals to almost everyone. It’s like putting one song or more from John Legend, Daughtry, Hugh Masekela and Guns N Roses in one album.

‘Bye Bye Babylon’ reminds and consoles me that it won’t be too long anymore, the pain and suffering of this world will come to an end and we will be home with our father.

‘What I see’ is such a bubbly Easter song.

‘Same God’ is so beautiful, it carries so much submission and vulnerability in it and ‘The One You Love’ is such a beautiful love song…although, ‘Dancing’ is also a beautiful love song. I might say ‘Why’ also sits among the love songs.

For those of us who don’t mind a little wild and unconventional, there is something for us. There’s: ‘Water is wild’, ‘LION’ and ‘Might get loud’.

Water is Wild – Chris Brown and Brandon Lake

‘This is the Kingdom’ is another beautiful one. The entire song lists the beatitudes just as they appear in Matthew 5:1-12.

Pat Barrett – This is the Kingdom

As an African, I loved and wore out ‘No one’. It’s african and upbeat style is so beautiful and it sure does keep me moving during workouts.

Other beautiful songs in this album include ‘Welcome Resurrection’, ‘Forever YHWH’ and ‘You Really Are’. I would recommend this album any and everyday.

Artists on this album include

  • Valley Boys
  • Chris Brown (of Elevation)
  • Jonsal Berrientes
  • Brandon Lake
  • Pat Barrett
  • Joe L Barnes
  • Tiffany Hudson
  • Chandler Moore

Come back and leave a comment when you listen. I would like to hear your comments.


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