I am the one

Often in life, we find ourselves trying really hard to prove to the people in our lives that we love them. Many times they do not even ask for this proof. Some of us go ahead to show and prove with acts of kindness/service, words of affirmation, gifts and so on. Some, if not most times, these methods go unnoticed and/or unappreciated. One can only imagine the disappointment that comes with it.


For some time now, I’ve been on an emotional joy ride. Just the other day, I shared with an egroup how I used to think that God liked me…but it only recently really hit me… He really really loves me. He loves me in a way that is so amazing, I don’t need to pull out any love language.

I have a piece I’ve been writing on the elevation worship current album ‘LION’. I should have it ready in a few days. One song from that album had me reexamine my entire relationship with my maker.

I didn’t choose God, God chose me. There’s nothing I can do that would make Him hate me. Every day I wake up with breath in my lungs, it’s evidence that He has chosen me again. He loves me. He loves me. I don’t need to prove that I love Him for him to love me. His love never fails. He loves the real me, not the version I show to people.

This realisation is amazing. It changed my life.

I would recommend this song any day, not only does it sound nice, it feels good too.

2 thoughts on “I am the one

  1. Beautiful read. I like the part you said ‘God loves the real me not the version I show to people’ this got me thinking..
    Thank you for this lovely piece

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