2 is a crowd

Nerd gang❤️

I’ve probably always been in a clique without knowing it. Way back in my secondary school days, I got punished one day, along with some of my close friends. We were being punished for taking our food out of the dinning area. It was totally prohibited, but we had a few spices and garnishes and so we had wanted to enjoy the meal in the comfort of our space. While we received a week long punishment, the words we kept hearing were “your clique”. We were 7 friends, unconsciously, we preferred to do stuff together and over time, I guess it seemed like a preplanned group.

In my university days, something similar happened, by the time I had been rounding up, I realised I had kept company with a select close group the entirety of my stay. 5 years.

Some years ago, I found myself in an unconsciously formed clique again…but this is where it got different. At the precise moment when we found out we were knit, we began to make it intentional. I would like to admit that those few years we maintained an intentional group friendship were some of the best years of my adult life. We were all strange “girls”. Each of us needing to be alone sometimes…and so we always knew when to give each other space. We all respected each other’s time and privacy yet, we were in all our businesses, we looked out for each other. We made plans and we made time to carry out those plans. One that remains undone is our road trip. We never got to do certain stuff, with all 5 of us in our 30’s with families, businesses and/or jobs to attend to, it was a tough one, trying to synchronize our lives for some activities.

Looking back at all the group friendships I’ve had, I have come to realise that I feel crowded by one on one friendships. I have some of them and I love them, but I think i carry traits of a wolf. I do better in a pack. The average wolf pack size is 6…that’s just right for me.

In the absence of a pack, I always fly solo 😁.

3 thoughts on “2 is a crowd

  1. Aondo a seer Chief Solo of the wolf pack. Nice one here… Interesting how we can have traits or stuff we have no idea of.

    I am not sure I am much of a pack person. I do well with one-on-ones or having several close knit friends not as a pack but in pockets of individual friendships. Thus, even when the pack thing comes, I am usually somewhat odd. Not out of place but a bit odd.

    Sha sha, thanks for sharing and we pray you all eventually make that road trip.

    PS: What broke the gang?

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    1. Chief solo of the wolf pack… Let me tuck that away for future use.

      I think as we grow, we discover ourselves everyday. It’s one reason a line stuck with me from a song, it goes “you like to tell me I’ve changed,… Like any body ever stays the same”.

      As the years go, we rediscover and we change a lot in the process..

      PS… I’m not sure I can say exactly what did break it up.


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