I wrote the following words for my 7th wedding anniversary, I read them again this year and found that I feel even stronger about them, 4 years later… I’m writing them again.

When you put a seed into the ground, it shoots above the soil, it develops leaves and begins to branch out. Its flowers begin to bloom the way they are meant to and then it bears fruit. You look at it… It’s healthy and you like it. But you wouldn’t have that smile if you didn’t take care of it. For that seed to grow and develop, it needs the right amount of water, sunlight and the right temperature as well.
We planted a seed 11 years ago and just look how well it has grown… Daily we rise to water it… When the sun gets too hot we find ways to shield it… When the temperature gets too high we find ways to cool it down… I can gladly say that I’m enjoying the daily growth and the branches and flowers and fruits that we have made so far… In another life I would still plant with you my love. I Wonder how this seed will look like 50 years from now… I guess we have to wait till then to find out.
Happy 11th anniversary sweetheart

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