She was my first. I had shared one with my siblings at some point and then I shared one with my sister and mom for a few years…but this one was mine. All mine. We clicked at first sight. It was a cool night in October 2010. I looked out the window and there she was and my dad said she was mine.

I love to drive. Lilly came with manual gears, that was the first awesome thing about her. I love to shift gears while I drive. Another awesome quality was the cup holders. I’m a fluid person. I always have a cup of something with me. The only thing I needed was a good stereo and when I got that, we were all set. She took me anywhere I needed to go. I had a job I did for a few months that needed some out of town work, Lilly took me there. 2 years later I got another job that was 1 hour away, Lilly made sure I got there and back when ever I needed to. She never gave me any trouble. Also, for a hot town like makurdi, the air conditioning was excellent. She was good to me and I was good to her.

One day came, I decided she had to go. It wasn’t her, it was me. The thing is, I have always loved change. Every now and again I rearrange my living room, bedroom, work space etc. I always try to start one project or the other and sometimes I buy new stuff to replace the old ones or I just get new stuff to add to the already existing stuff. When it came to changing Lilly, I was really stuck. I wanted a new car but I didn’t want to let Lilly go.

10 years was a long time. This was an argument for and against Lilly. 10 years of bonding and going places together. I didn’t want to let her go. On the other hand, 10 years of serving and going so many places, she must be tired, maybe I needed something new.

On the day she left, it happened so fast. One minute she was there and the next minute some stranger was driving off with her. I knew I was going to sell her off but I never knew it would happen so fast. I had always imagined I would wait for weeks for someone to come along and then another week for handing over and stuff… what the hell was I thinking? Just like that, she was gone.

A few weeks after she had gone, I had dropped my son off somewhere and I was on my way back home and then I looked at the other lane and I saw her and my heart skipped a beat. I pulled over. She looked good. The new owner was standing next to her. I wondered if he cared for her like I did. I doubt very much. I made a U turn just to take another look at her. I drove past, took a good look at her and made another U turn to head back in the direction I was headed initially. I felt like a traitor. My heart hurt.

I never saw her again. One day my husband came back home to tell me he saw her, he said she had a new look. Apparently she got a face lift. Well. Good for her. Sometimes my son would say “Mummy I miss your old car” and in my mind I would say “de kulen mo ivav ga” but instead I would just say to him “me too”.

I love the one I’m with right now, we just haven’t bonded so well. I don’t even know its gender.

10 thoughts on “Lilly

  1. We miss you dear Lilly, and to think i actually heard part of this story before it was published is a big flex yeah, it did make a great story, its the beautiful Personification for me, i pray you bond better with your present Ride, and pls do well to discover its gender😁😁😁

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  2. Interesting read. At first, I thought we were going to talk flowers and the picture was an easy distraction but you changed gears and set the drive in another direction.

    Compelling read, as always. The honesty of your writing and the emotion are gifts that empower your words.

    God bless and keep you always.

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  3. The story reminds me of how we get attached to things, people and places such that when it’s time to let go, it’s hard. I feel you sis, I’m so attached to a particular shirt that I keep wondering what I would do if I ever have to let go. In case you see me engage in a fight, it may just be that I’m trying to get my shirt off the new owner 🤣🤣

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    1. 🤣 OH my goodness. Honestly we actually hold on to certain things. Sometimes for no reason at all.
      I wish you get the heart to Let that shirt go 😂


  4. Wow… really did shift gears! The picture of the flower was a good distraction. I’m glad I met lily. She was a good one.👍🏼

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