In 2011 my husband and I moved into our apartment 8 days after our wedding. We had finally found a house we liked after days of searching and checking out several houses. About a month later, an adorable couple moved into the apartment directly opposite ours. I liked them immediately, i still do…even though they are over 6,000km away now. I maintained a very good neighbourly relationship with the lady up until 2013 when they moved away. Her younger sister moved into the apartment. We did not hit it off like her sister and I did.

I haven’t the faintest clue how it started, but her sister and I gradually began to grow on each other. we found out we had a lot in common and one of those things was fun time. It was funny how she was an out-doorsy person and I was more of an indoor person but we always found a balance some how. I still don’t know how it happened but we actually grew on each other. I knew she was there and I think she knew i was there for her too. we would go on some times for days without seeing each other but that didn’t matter. I got to find out she was very creative. she was inventive. She was never scared to start something new or try something new.

One fine birthday 😁
Never a dull moment

I remember one afternoon we sat at my bakeshop and she asked me to bring home one of my table cakes when I was done for the day. She usually bought them for snacking or to go along with tea at breakfast. On that particular day, she asked me to throw in all flavours. I wish i could describe the way she said it 😂. And so as I baked different flavours for different clients that day, I scooped some into a pan for her and the end of the day i took home a cake with different kinds off cake in it. it became a normal thing. Whenever she needed it, she would tell me a day before or in the morning and then as usual, all flavours would go one scoop or two into a pan for her. It was possible to have lemon cake, red velvet cake, chocolate cake, fruitcake and coconut cake in one pan and she loved it… she created it 😁.

I write this in past tense because she left. she’s over 6,000 km away too. i miss her so much. i remember when she told me she was leaving. she expected me to cry…even I expected me to cry, but i didn’t, but what no one knows is i was so hurt, I was almost upset. it wasn’t until one day, weeks later, after she had left… I came home, looked at her apartment and i went into my room and cried a river. I actually felt a bit better after I did. I miss her a lot.


What amazes me today as I remember this multiple flavoured cake combo is how I never thought to make it available for sale to others. I recently made it for someone and he came back twice.

It is on this note that I brand it ‘Zoe’and will make it a special at my bake shop.

4 thoughts on “Zoe

  1. Mimi…. I am so touched and honoured.
    I wish I could write as good as you and make articles about you, about us, about how you changed me, the irreparable impact you have made in my life.
    You are right!!! I never saw our friendship coming.. firstly, I am younger than you but that didn’t matter.
    You are so loving, you opened up my heart to love, I have still got a lot of learning to do in that department.
    I pride myself to be hardcore 💪💪 and you made me accept my soft side. We rubbed off on each other.
    You Introduced me to an amazing squad of friends turned sisters. I could go on and on Stacey.
    I love you and I trust your friendship. You are strong, beautiful, smart, ahmazingggg.
    I miss you and after my my family, you guys are the reason 2nd reason I am planning a visit home.

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    1. After I read this comment I went Back in time for a bit.
      You are amazing and I’m so glad we had a chance to experience such a friendship.
      Looking forward to seeing you again darling..

      Thank you soooooo much


  2. Friendship is indeed a beautiful gift to humanity, I’m definitely getting my ‘Zoe’, i love the idea of a variety of flavors in one cake and yeah, I’ve got myself a Zoe(Amazing friend)too, we all need one if you ask me!!!

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